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“UCHIT Media” Services is a Pune based Public Relations firm that was founded by Jivraj Chole and Reshma Chole in 2015. Uchit Media Services provides all kinds of services in the field of media and advertisements. Our goal is to provide services to every noble cause. Today, Uchit Media have expanded itself all over Maharashtra to become one of the most result-oriented public relation companies in the state. With the help of our clients and love we receive from them we have achieved many milestones. Our aim is to become one of the top-rated PR companies in India. Our performance and your love will definitely take us there.

Uchit Media Services having multiple Media Platforms to work and Publish their Work.

As you know, every year the appropriate medium 'Samvad ... Sarjansheel Manashi' publishes a special Diwali issue of science and technology. Science should be spread in Marathi, information about the research being done around us, innovation, dialogue with scientists, introduction to various science institutes are given through this issue. He had been thinking of bringing it to digital technology for many days. It has taken shape through the Facebook Page 'Sarjansheel... Let's open our minds, let's communicate' ('सर्जनशील... चला मने उलगडूया, संवाद साधूया'). You will get to read the special issue 'Sanwad' once a year; But the aim is to bring new content to us every day, and to make science and technology more comprehensive by using information technology. With a weekly interview with a scientist, you will be introduced to an organization. This is an experiment. So there is room for improvement. We will try our best to give the best, official content. You also have the opportunity to write in it. You can write about science fiction, your research, startups or send articles about them. He will be given due publicity.

"Uchit Media Services" Managed various Facebook Pages. for specific reason we have created multiple Facebook and Instagram pages. Users can Follow and Like our Social Media Profiles for getting updates.

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