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Content management (CM) is the process for collection, delivery, retrieval, overnance and overall management of information in any format. The term is typically used in reference to administration of the digital content lifecycle, from creation to permanent storage or deletion.

Content management (CM) is the process of planning, developing, managing, deploying, preserving and evaluating all content within an enterprise. Also, the process of content management has its lifecycle. This CM Lifecycle consists of six phases: plan, develop, control, deploy, preserve and evaluate

Having a content management system for your website allows you to have control of your content. It means having the ability to update, change or delete any images, text, video, or audio. It allows you to keep your site organised, up to date and looking great. So many websites never review their content after launch.

Skills Every Content Manager Needs

  • Writing Aptitude.
  • Technical Know-How.
  • New Media Proficiency.
  • Analytics Interpretation.
  • Analytics Interpretation.
  • Understanding Marketing Personas.
  • Understanding of UI/UX Design.
  • Time Management & Planning.

Content lifecycle management is the process of developing, publishing, organizing, repurposing, and retiring content during its lifecycle at an organization.