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The good news is that you can probably rebuild your bad Identity, although the process will take time and work. Start by doing damage control however you can . After that, work on strengthening your relationships with other people and moving forward in your life with confidence

How to rebuild Identity after a crisis

  • 1. Keep talking. Communication is key.
  • 2. Take responsibility, in time. Having admitted the fault, make sure you do actually fix it.
  • 3. Get stakeholders onside. The first people to appease are the major stakeholders in your business.
  • 4. Be authentic.
  • 5. Show strong leadership.
  • 6. The best defense.

Your Identity should be important to you so long as you know what has built it. As long as you do what is right, your Identity should reflect that. No, when you change yourself in order to gain a more favorable Identity. If your Identity is build on lies, then no, you should not give a damn about it.

Identity is the basis of leadership, no matter the job. Bad Identity often stem from one of three reasons: your attitude, behavior, or lack of professionalism. There is no easy fix for any of them, but here’s how to start to make repairs. You made a mistake–we all do. But sometimes an error can hang around and harm your Identity.